In 2019 The Beer Gals decided to embark on this adventure together, our mission, was to introduce Ireland to an amazing beer dispenser, to bring the pub home and share good times with family and friends. 

We will enhance your experience of Beer drinking at home by introducing you to quality products sourced from Europe. Our Philips Perfect-Draft Beer dispenser is amazing and our Kegs are 6 Litres of the bestselling beers from around the world. We will be your one stop shop, from purchase to delivery as we believe that the process of buying beer should be a good experience too!. From your first click, to the first pour, everything should be as smooth as your perfect pint.

We believe that if you treat people, our products and the environment with respect, that’s the real mark of success. So, we work hand-in-hand with only the very best in the business; suppliers and individuals who, like us, are all about creating the ultimate experience.


We have a wide network of beer drinkers in Ireland, so we are excited to introduce several new exciting ranges including NO/LOW, Gluten Free and Vegan beers to cater for all. We promote responsible drinking and are excited to be able to cater for the health conscious who would love a pint.