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PerfectDraft is a counter-top machine that serves bar quality beer. A 6-litre (10.5-pint) is inserted into the unit and cooled to a constant 3ºC. Then simply pour the perfect draught beer. DO NOT place kegs in a freezer
There are approximately 10.5 pints in a PerfectDraft keg.
Simple answer is YES they are, with such a wide range of beers, styles and brands to choose from, you’re sure to find some favourites! Fancy a bit of Belgian? Leffe Blonde has you covered. Classic lager? Get that joie de biere with the one and only Stella Artois. Craft your tipple? Get wild with Tiny Rebel Clwb Tropica! Are kegs worth it? Short answer: Absolutely!


Give the tap unit a quick rinse every few days - the beer can stick in the tap and affect the taste.
Don't forget the drip tray & nozzle either - simply use warm soapy water, rinse and dry.
If it's just a little bit of frost, this is completely normal, Just remove ice and dry your cooling plate
If there is lots of ice, turn the machine off, remove the keg, clean & dry the machine and leave it to stand for a few hours before reinserting the keg
Nowhere - all you need is a keg and a machine. the gas is in the keg already.
You can't but we will take care of that for you with our fantastic recycling scheme !
Your kegs will be picked up by our courier in the box that your full kegs were delivered to you in, please keep the box safe, and when you have finished your kegs place them back the box for their returns.
A label will be sent to you with your delivery, please keep this label safe.


All beer is sensitive to repeated temperature change and should be avoided where possible. Your beer will be fine but always try and store kegs in a cool, dry place until you are ready to put them in the machine.
No, Kegs can not be put in a freezer, they may explode or freeze your beer, which will damage the pump action of your machine. DO NOT PUT your kegs in a Freezer To reduce the chilling time, place in a Fridge.
When you receive your kegs, if you have space in the fridge, put your kegs in the fridge and they’ll pre-chilled and ready to go! If you do not have space in the fridge, store your kegs in a cool dry place and that will help them to chill quicker once in the machine.
From warm a keg will take 8-12 hours to chill down to the perfect 3 degrees. The cooler a keg is before it goes into the machine, the quicker it will cool to the perfect temperature. A good rule of thumb is around a degree of cooling per hour. If you don’t want to wait, we recommend pre-chilling your kegs, either in the fridge or in the coolest place you can find in your home.
The PerfectDraft machines keeps PerfectDraft kegs fresh at 3°C in the machine for 30 days.

The Hops Loyalty Programme

A Customer Loyalty program that earns you Hops every time you make a purchase on beer only online or at our store. Hops can not be earned on Shipping, VAT, Dispensers and Glassware.
Why should I join? Every Euro spent will earn you Hops towards future purchases.
You receive 1 Hop for every 1 euro spent on beer only. 1 Hop is worth 5 cents. 1 Keg return is worth 100 Hops. Hops can not be earned on VAT, shipping, dispensers and Glassware.
Hops are automatically placed on your account. You can redeem your Hops whenever you like against any of your future purchases. You can not earn Hops on VAT, Shipping, Dispensers or Glassware
If you have an existing account with us, you don't need to do anything as your account will be upgraded. If you would like to join, please create a Beer Gals account its simple and free.
Unfortunately, no, our Loyalty programme is designed to keep our Loyal customers happy. Only kegs purchased from The Beer Gals will receive Hops. Hops can not be earned on VAT, shipping, dispensers and Glassware.
Hops will expire after 6 months
You will notice a new icon on the bottom left of our webpage, simply click on the icon and to view your Hops. Hops can not be earned on VAT, shipping, dispensers and Glassware.
Hops are available on Beer purchases not Machine or Glassware
All orders from 1st May 2021 will be backdated with your account will automatically be updated with your Hops.
Hops can only be earned on Beer Kegs only. Hops can not be claimed on VAT, Shipping, dispensers and glassware.
Please check that you have excluded VAT, Shipping, Dispensers and glassware from your order total. Hops are on cost of the Beer only. If you calculations still don't seem correct, simply email us and we will investigate it further for you.


Returning your empty kegs to The Beer Gals doesn't just benefit us! For each empty keg we receive, your account will be credited with a whopping 100 Hops that the equivalent of €5.
We've made it even easier to return the empty kegs by using the original box the kegs were delivered in. When placing your new order, simply add 'keg return' to your order, select the quantity of kegs to be returned and our courier will drop and collect at the same time.
If you return the Kegs yourself, you will recieve €5 Hops (100 Hops) Our courier will collect the Kegs and award you €2 per keg. We can not cover the cost of couriers for kegs not bought from us.
Yes! We are proud to be doing our bit for the environment, we recycle all our kegs. Our returns system is easy and free to use!
As long as our address and your name is clearly marked on the box you don't need a label, please go online when placing your new orders add 'keg return' and our courier will collect your empties when he drop your new order.


Hops have no cash value. 1 Keg return is worth 100 Hops. Hops are automatically placed on your account. You can redeem your Hops whenever you like against any of your future purchases.
Keg Credits are awarded through our Loyalty programme 'The Hops'. When you return your empty Kegs to our warehouse we will award you 100 Hops. 1 Keg return is worth 100 Hops. You can redeem your Hops whenever you like.
No you can't , Hops have no cash value, you will have 6 months to use your credits or they will expire.
Yes there is - you have 6 months to use your Hops

Shipping Information

Our delivery company is DPD Couriers. Deliveries are made during business hours (9am - 5pm) and somebody 18 or over must be present to take delivery and sign for order. Our courier company will email tracking information to the email used to place the order if you did not receive this email please check your spam folder before contacting The Beer Gals. It is important that an Irish mobile contact number and a valid eircode is provided for the recipient of the order. If this information is not correct it will slow your delivery significantly.
Deliveries are made Monday to Friday only (excluding Bank Holidays). Deliveries should be received within 24-48 hours fro time of order being placed, provided order is placed before 2pm THIS IS NOT A GUARANTEE. Orders can take longer due to circumstances out of our control. Pick up - by appointment only
We are using DPD as our courier -once we raise the collection will will update you with a tracking number. If you have selected a 'keg return' please make sure your empties are ready when the courier arrives, The same courier will drop your new order and take your empties.

Orders and Returns

The Beer Gals now deliver to the Island of Ireland
3 Kegs - €10
6 Kegs - €15
9 PLUS Kegs - €20
Pick up Portarlington Free - but by appointment only
Please inspect your order upon reception and contact us immediately if the item is defective, damaged or if you receive the wrong item, so that we can evaluate the issue and make it right. Please contact Email
We are extremely proud of the care and attention taken when packing your order. We take every precaution however we are only human and we understand that a rare mistake can happen - or our fragile contents can sometimes get damaged in transit.
If your order has been affected, our team are available to rectify this for you quickly and easily. Please contact us immediately so we can sort the issue out.
You can cancel your order immediately - up to the point of dispatch. Email & include your reference numbers.
If you haven't received your order after 4 working days please check with the courier website - you will receive a tracking number from The Beer Gals - if there is any further issue please do contact us @
The fastest way to ensure you get what you want is to return the item you have as soon as you receive it, and once the return is accepted, make a separate purchase for the new item.
We will notify you once we’ve received and inspected your return, and let you know if the refund was approved or not. If approved, you’ll be automatically refunded on your original payment method. Please remember it can take some time for your bank or credit card company to process and post the refund too.


We accept all major credit cards, if you have a gift card or Beer Chips you can apply the card at checkout
On your gift card there will be a number, @ checkout select the gift card option and enter the number.
If your Payment has been declined or not accepted please check you have entered the the correct details ie. Card number, Address Name on card. if all is matching and it is still declined contact your bank.


Your PerfectDraft Machine comes with a 2 year manufacturer warranty from date of purchase. Remember to register your machine with Philips If you have any issues with your machine, try the advice in our troubleshooting FAQs first.
If that still doesn't sort it, please contact us for your original purchase invoice.
You can then get in touch with Philips for machine repairs using the link below:

Are you pulling the handle all the way down when pouring your perfect pint? If not this does create more of a head on the beer
Is the glass you are using clean? How many times have you poured from this keg? The first few pours may be more lively than the rest
Has the keg been shaken up before inserting into the machine? If so let it stand for a while before dispensing
There may be a fault with the tube, try a new one
What temperature is that keg at? The warmer the keg the bigger the head when pouring, make sure it sits at 3 degrees
Once your payment goes through you will receive an order confirmation via email
The tubes should release easily from the kegs.
Make sure you remove the tap from the keg before removing the tube
You will need to press the blue release button on the tap unit to retrieve the tube
The tap unit could contain sticky beer, rinse in warm water then try to release the tube
If you have returned Kegs, your will automatically receive 100 Hops per keg (€5), on receipt of empty kegs. You can redeem your hops at any time on future purchases
Is there a 10cm gap all the way around the machine? If not this could mean the temperature remans higher than normal
How long has the keg been in the machine? It can take 10-15 hours for the keg to reach the desired 3 degrees
Is the machines surroundings higher than room temperature or in direct sunlight? You may find when cooking dinner or the heating is on in your home the machines temperature will rise
Is there ice in the bottom of the machine? If so, remove the keg from the machine and let the machine sit switched off for a few hours
Where was the keg stored before it was inserted into the machine? If it was in a warmer environment it will take a little longer to cool
Check if the fan at the back of the machine is free from dust and dirt
There is a number of reasons why your machine could be making a noise, take a look through this list and if you are still unsure, please don't hesitate to contact us!
Soft continuous sound - This is the machine chilling (the fan)
Loud noise when pouring beer - This is the machine maintaining pressure
Loud noise when not pouring beer occasionally - This is the machine maintaining pressure
Hissing sound - Make sure the tap unit is pushed down fully onto the keg, it must click twice. If not you will hear the sound of air escaping
If your machine sounds like its struggling to pressurise your keg, you may need to change your tube or wet the black rubber seal on the tap unit before attaching to the keg
There are a number of reasons why your keg might not taste quite as good as it should, take a look at this checklist and if you are still having issues please get in touch! Have you recently rinsed the tap unit? If not this could contain old beer and effect the taste of your perfect pint
Try giving the keg a swirl before installing in the machine, particularly for wheat beers
Make sure change the tube that is included with your keg every time you change a keg? This could also contain old beer
Is the glass you are using clean?
What is the best before date on the keg? If it is a particularly old keg, this may affect the taste
How long has the keg been in the machine?
We guarantee fresh beer for 30 days, after that the taste could alter
Has the keg been kept cool the whole time it has been open? If not the keg will not stay fresh
Make sure you pull the tap handle all the way down when pouring your perfect pint
Pour a few glasses of beer, this could help the volume level out (especially with a brand new keg)
What temperature is the keg at? If it is warmer than 3 degrees it will be flat, let the machine cool the keg for a little longer then try again
Is the glass you are using clean? Even unseen residual from rinse aid can cause a flat pour, rinse your glass before pouring
Are you holding the spout of the tap on the glass when pouring? The end of the tap shouldn't touch the glass and unlike in pubs the glass should be kept 10-15cm lower than the tap
Did you use a new tube with your keg? Dirt can cause a flat pour Air may be leaking from the round rubber seal of the tap unit, wet this before attaching to your keg Using a nucleated glass can help keep the head on your beer
Check the volume of the keg, is it empty or almost empty?
Is the tap pushed down correctly onto the keg?
It should slot perfectly between the blue forks and you should hear 2 clicks

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