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To speak like a true Bavarian, here are the 5 most important phrased to learn:

“Servus” = “Hello!” and “Goodbye!”
“Pfiadi!” = “Goodbye” for close friends and family
“An schenan Doog no” = “Have a nice day!”
“I hätt gern a Mass!” = “I’ll take another beer!”
“Wos hobt’s na heir ois Schmanggal?” = “What’s the daily special?”

It doesn’t matter how or with what you decorate your Oktoberfest party, but one element that can’t be missed is a nod to the Bavarian flag—blue and white are mandatory! From tablecloths to garlands, it’s the must-have accessory for Oktoberfest style.

There can be no Oktoberfest without the traditional garb, such as “Dirndl” (women’s traditional dress) and “Lederhose” (men’s traditional leather pants). As if this isn’t enough, a woman has to pay special attention to which side the ribbon of her Dirndl is tied. Wearing it on the left side means that you’re single; wearing it on the right side shows that you’re in a relationship. 


When hosting your own Oktoberfest, be sure to include fun games and activities… for the kids, and the young at heart.

Stein Holding Contest

Line everyone up. Each participant is given a Stein full of beer, and must hold it out straight in front of them. The last one able to hold the beer up (without bending the arm) WINS.

Stein Relay Race

Set up a race track… maybe add an obstacle or two. Divide the participants into teams. Each team gets a Stein of Beer (or water if you don’t trust them with good beer). This is a relay race, so the first person on each team takes off and goes around the obstacle, while holding the stein. When they come back to the start, the next person on their team goes. The team who goes fastest, but spills the least beer, WINS.

For a complete Oktoberfest menu, we recommend:


The Bavarian pretzel is a very common starter. Often, these soft pretzels are served with the Bavarian cheese delicacy obatzda Hard stick pretzels. These are a great substituteif you don’t have the time or funds to prepare fresh warm pretzels for all of your guests :)


Sausages (Bratwurst, Knackwurst, Thüringer) German Potato Salad Sauerkraut Red Cabbage Käsespätzel Boiled Potatoes Roasted Chicken


Apple StrudelGerman Chocolate Cake
(Although this is not actually a traditional German dessert, it is enjoyed by many.)

Various European Cookies.

Heart-shaped gingerbread cookies are a particular Oktoberfest favourite.

In Munich, only beer brewed within the city limits is allowed to be served at Oktoberfest. This limits the offereings to Augustiner, Hacker-schorr, Hofbräu,Löwenbräu, Paulaner and Spaten. 
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