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Belgium is a small country with a rich brewing history, and it is known for producing some of the best beer in the world. There is a wide range of Belgian beer styles to discover, including pilsners, Trappist and abbey beers, white (wit) beers, blonde and golden ales, amber and brown ales, lambic beers, fruit beers, strong ales, saison beers, and more. The nation's brewing techniques and history are considered some of the finest in the world. With Belgium crafting such a special selection of styles, it's easy to understand why. In short, beers from Belgium are the business!

History of Belgian Beerf Belgian Beer

Belgian Pils

Pilsners are the most popular style of beer in Belgium, they are light and refreshing and are typically pale in colour. They have a moderate alcohol content and a slightly bitter finish. Pilsners are the perfect beer to enjoy with food. They pair really well with meat, and bbq in particular. The lightness of the beer and slight bitterness helps to cut through the fat of the meat and balances the sweetness of barbecue sauce perfectly. Some of the most well known Belgian pils include Stella Artois and Jupiler which are both available to drink at home on PerfectDraft! 

Trappist and Abbey Beers

Trappist beers are brewed by Trappist monks in Belgium and other parts of the world. They are typically strong ales with a complex flavor profile. Abbey beers are similar to Trappist beers, but they are not brewed by monks. Leffe is the most known beer in this style, you can find all of the different 

White (Wit) Beers

White (wit) beers are unfiltered wheat beers that are typically spiced with coriander and orange peel. They have a cloudy appearance and a refreshing flavor profile. The most popular Belgian Wit beer is Hoegaarden, which is a perfect example of the style and available on PerfectDraft in 6L kegs.

Blonde and Golden Ales

Blonde and golden ales are pale ales with a moderate alcohol content. They have a slightly sweet flavour profile with notes of malt, hops, and fruit. Some popular brands of blonde and golden ales include Duvel and La Chouffe.

Amber and Brown Ales

Amber and brown ales are dark ales with a more intense flavour profile than blonde and golden ales. They have notes of caramel, toffee, and roasted malt. If you're looking to try some brown ales you can pick up both Leffe Brune and Tripel Karmeliet on PerfectDraft.

Lambic Beers

Lambic beers are spontaneously fermented beers that are brewed with wild yeast and bacteria. They have a sour and funky flavour profile. Some popular brands of lambic beers include Lindemans and Cantillon.

Fruit Beers

Fruit beers are lambic beers that are infused with fruit. They have a sweet and tart flavour profile. Some popular fruit beers include Kriek (cherry lambic) and Framboise (raspberry lambic).

Strong Ales

Strong ales are beers with a high alcohol content. They typically have a complex flavour profile with notes of malt, hops, fruit, and alcohol. Often people drink strong ales slowly like a wine, this helps to appreciate the complex flavour profiles and make the most of them.

Saison Beers

Saison beers are farmhouse ales that were traditionally brewed in the winter and consumed in the summer. They are typically refreshing beers with a dry finish.

Other Styles

There are many other styles of Belgian beer, including sour brown ales, Belgian IPAs, and stouts.

Belgian Beer Culture and Traditions

Beer Glasses

Many Belgian beers are served in their own unique glasses. For example, Duvel is served in a tulip glass, and Chimay is served in a goblet. These glasses are designed to enhance the flavor and aroma of the beer.

Food Pairings

Belgian beer is often paired with food. For example, Belgian pilsners are often paired with seafood, and Trappist beers are often paired with cheese. There are many other possible food pairings for Belgian beer 

Belgian Beer Festivals

Belgium is home to numerous beer festivals throughout the year. Some of the most popular beer festivals include the Brussels Beer Challenge, the Zythos Beer Festival, and the Cantillon Beer Festival. These festivals are a great opportunity to sample a wide variety of Belgian beers and learn more about Belgian beer as a whole.

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