The story of Leffe Brewery

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The story of Leffe Brewery

Abbaye de Leffe in Dinant, Belgium, was founded in the 12th century and like most abbeys and churches, they built a brewery in the "Abbaye Notre Dame de Leffe" to serve drinks to parishioners and pilgrims. Most people, including children, drank beer of some sort as it was much safer to drink than water.

Over the intervening few centuries, Leffe marked itself out as a brewery of quality. The abbey was seriously damaged in the years around the French Revolution but managed to keep brewing until 1809. During the First World War, many of the brewing kettles were melted down for ammunition.

It wasn’t until 1929, when the abbey was re-established, and in 1952, Father Abbot Nys, along with brewer Albert Lootvoet, decided to start the brewery taking inspiration from its original recipes. Leffe Brune was available again. It’s no longer brewed at the abbey (they produce way too much for that), but Leffe remains officially an ‘abbey’ beer. Today, there’s a museum opposite the abbey in Dinat – Maison Leffe – where you can taste the beer.

Leffe beers on PerfectDraft

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Leffe Blonde beer : Brewed by Leffe Abbey since 1240, this Belgian pale beauty, has a coppery colour in the glass with a bright white fluffy head. Its smooth maltiness carries delicious hints of caramel, complemented by a delightful touch of fruitiness and a subtle yeast-driven spice. You will pick up flavours of vanilla, clove and hints of fruit.

Leffe Ruby beer : Leffe Ruby is an elegant classic that pours a deep red. This beer seamlessly marries the rich character of Leffe brews with sweet red fruits. You will pick up loads of incredible flavours, from mildly spicy red fruit aromas to the delightful note of raspberries, culminating in a soft floral sweetness and a refined hint of wood. With an alcohol content of 5%, this brew strikes the perfect balance, making it an exquisite choice for any occasion. Elevate your beer experience with Leffe Ruby PerfectDraft Keg.

Leffe Christmas beer : With its unique amber-red colour, this brew sets the perfect tone for your Christmas celebrations. The 6.6% ABV ensures a rich, decedent experience, while the notes of caramel, coffee, and baked fruits add to its character. Crafted to perfection, Leffe Christmas offers an elegant and smooth palate, leaving a satisfying and lingering finish.

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