BELGIAN BEERS – Why We love them so much?

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Belgium might be a small country, but it’s one that’s home to arguably the world’s most influential breweries, which have given us a huge catalogue of epically interesting beer styles.

Navigating Belgian beers is a minefield; styles vary massively, but one thing they all have in common is that they are so unique, thanks to tradition and monk-knowledge, combined with innovative and exciting flavours. We’ve had a bit of a write-up of some of the awesome styles this tiny, yet mighty, country produces.


Belgian strong pale ales are more recent, credited to Belgian brewers. Blondes have a lower ABV and are often sweeter than Belgian strong pale ales or Tripels, with a significant lighter body. Belgian Pale Ales are amber to copper in colour, moderate strength with a toasty malt quality. On the nose they’re typically less intense than most Belgian Ales, with fruity & peppery yeast aromas.


Trappist Ales are the OG of Belgium beers, we’re talking quads, dubbels and tripels - beers made famous by their rich historical background & unrivalled taste & flavour profiles. The key difference between Abbey & Trappist beers? Trappist beers are brewed under the direct supervision of the Trappist Monks.

Dibbels are reddish brown made with heavily caramelised sugar which leaves behind a raisin-like flavour. The fruity, peppery & spicy flavours are down to the type of yeast used in fermentation.  Quads use the same ingredients but with amped up flavours. Think pepper, raisin, plum & caramel with a noticeable alcohol hit. Tripels are brewed with a fair whack of beet sugar, but without caramelisation, this heightens the ABV and lightens the body to a beautiful golden colour thanks to the use of lightly kilned malt. Expect softer notes like banana, pear and apple.


Typically brewed with un-malted wheat, coriander and orange peel, they’re moderate in alcohol with a balance of citrus and spice flavours thanks to the yeast used in fermentation. Super drinkable, refreshing and light in body & colour. 

All in all, Belgian Beers are the absolute classics in flavour, brewing techniques and variety, and there’s a style for everyone. Head over to our website and check out some of Belgiums finest beer now available in PerfectDraft 6L kegs for use with you beer draft system.