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Nestled in the idyllic, rural heartlands of the Peak District, Thornbridge know a thing or two about beauty and quality. Since their launch in 2005, Thornbridge have been about 3 things: innovation, passion and knowledge. With the launch of their seminal brew, Jaipur, in 2006, they kickstarted craft as we know it in the UK, throwing open the gates for other budding craft brewers to do the same. Quality is always at the top of their priority list and, with a full-fledged brew lab onsite, they can monitor and change even the finest details of their beer ensuring that every single cask, keg, bottle and can are as perfect as can be! And with one of the widest ranges spanning every style imaginable plus some fantastic collaborations and seasonal beers, you’ll never grow tired of drinking their amazing beer! Thorn bridge Jaipur and Thornbridge Shelby are now available to try on PerfectDraft available at The Beer Gals.

Thornbridge Jaipur is a very special brew in the craft beer community. For a lot of people it's the beer that got them into craft so it holds a special place in a lot of peoples hearts. And now it's availble on the Perfect Draft Machine! An effortleslly balanced American IPA with intense bursts of citrus and stoned fruit that continues to build up with each sip. You're in for a treat with this one. 

Shelby was inspired by the style of beer consumed in 1919, the time Peaky Blinders was set. It pours golden amber with an aroma of stoned fruit and berries. The flavour gives off biscuity malt with a nice kick of citrus at the end.