We love a good old TINY REBEL success story

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Where did the name Tiny Rebel come from, and what’s with the bear?

Back when Brad and Gazz were getting good at homebrewing, they started toying with the idea of putting a brand on it. Maybe it would all take off and they’d eventually go pro (spoiler alert: it did, and they did) so they needed a concept that would sum up their way of doing things and communicate it to family, friends and even total strangers.

They struggled for a few weeks and months. Electrical and Mechanical engineers by trade, this was the first time they’d come near a branding exercise. They knew what they wanted people to feel, but weren’t sure how to say it. They were stuck.

Thankfully Christmas holidays were just around the corner, so they could take their minds off of it and chill out with family. Brad’s brother, Lee, came home to Wales for the holiday with his wife and son - they were living in California where Lee had just left his role at a major games development studio to start his own company with his wife Susan.

Nobody can remember the exact conversation, but we can assume it went something like this:

LEE: “Hey Brad, have I shown you my new business card for the company I’ve just set up?”

BRAD: “Not yet, gi’z a look.”

BRAD: “Tiny Rebel Studios. Tiny Rebel.

LEE: “What do you think?”

BRAD: “I’m having that.”

LEE: “No prob, I’ve got plenty of cards in my...”

BRAD: *dials phone* *ring ring* *ring ring* “Gazz, what do you think of Tiny Rebel as a name?”

LEE: “Wait, what?”

Lee and Susan had named the company Tiny Rebel after their son, who had picked it up as a nickname. As soon as Brad and Gazz heard it, they knew it summed up what they were doing perfectly. They were tiny - just two blokes brewing their own beer because they were sick of the same old stuff. They were rebels - brewing whatever took their fancy, adding weird and wonderful stuff to their brews and taking things to extremes. Tiny Rebel. It just clicked.

So they asked Lee and Susan very nicely if they could share the name, and thankfully he said yes. “Sister” companies might not be the best way to put it given that they are brothers.

With the name in the bag, Brad and Gazz decided to nick one more thing off Tiny Rebel Studios. Lee had used a drawing he found online as his logo - from an artist that only went by the username “invisiblesnow”

Tiny Rebel now available at The Beer Gals on PerfectDraft