4 steps to the perfect pour This Christmas

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PerfectDraft is designed to ensure the perfect pour. This skilfully engineered machine cools the beer to a steady 3ºC and has a highly regulated flow, but there are a couple of things you can do to achieve the perfect pour.

1/ Make sure your glass is clean.
Wash in warm water with washing-up liquid and then rinse thoroughly with cold water. 

2/ Wet the glass. 
If you’ve time, cool the glass and rinse with cold water just before pouring. 

3/ Open tap fully. 
Hold the glass at a 45º angle just under the tap (not touching it) and open the tap quickly and fully. Let the beer flow down the glass. For a smaller head hold the glass at a bigger angle and further away from the spout. 

4/ Level the glass. 
As it fills up, move the glass to a vertical position and stop just before it overflows. 

If we’re being really picky, dry the bottom of the glass, make sure the logo on the glass faces the guest and pop it on a clean beer mat. 

The perfect draught beer awaits.