Leffe Beer Ireland

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Notes of fruit, caramel, licorice, coffee, banana… 
Each Leffe beer has a well-defined character.
Try them all to make every moment special, at the table or with friends.

The Leffe history has its origin in Notre-Dame de Leffe, an abbey of Premonstratensian canons founded in 1152. The Premonstratensian canonical Norbertines, like monks, live in community and according to certain rules. However, the canons have a very open vision and like to engage with the people around them. That is why it is not surprising that, since the foundation of the abbey, the Norbertines were known for the special attention they paid to welcoming guests and pilgrims.

The numerous pilgrims who passed through the abbey always found the door open… but not only that.


Each Leffe is a pleasure to be enjoyed. Our glass was created to make you rediscover the value of time and to grant you a unique tasting experience, every time.

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